The history the best Japanese sex dolls brand started in 1977 when the future CEO of Orient Industry decided to make the kind of doll that he knew men needed. He came up with Hohoemi. She's a simple lady compared with the sophisticated silicone dolls of today but she certainly was a popular and durable creation. Made from urethane and PVC, Hohoemi was essentially a head, bust and waist (with hole)... and that's it.

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Orient Industry stopped selling Hohoemi in 1982, by which time they had moved onto full-body dolls. Next up was Omokage, a latex doll with detachable arms and legs.

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They then started to pick up speed, with new models appearing every few years: Kagemi (1987), Eika (1992) and the Hana Sisters (1997).

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It was then that Orient Industry fully established itself with the all-silicone Candy Girl series in 1998, a whole new breed of love doll. The brand of "pure girl for adults" spawned many variations (even a computer game!) and has set a completely new standard for premium doll companions.

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In 2000 the artisans tipped their toes into the Akihabara market with the Fantastic, an anime character style love doll.

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From 2005 the latest versions of the Candy Girl started to arrive, the Petite Jewel and the Petite Soft Nano. 2008 then heralded a new generation with the ultra realistic Ange Real Love Doll.

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